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Wildscreen 02 – The pre-festival festival.

The festival is off to a great start. Earlier this week I received an e-mail from the organization with the login details for the Wildscreen online videotheque.
The videotheque contains all the films nominated for one of the awards. This year, nearly 500 films. All of them are available for viewing wherever I want the week before and during the festival.

The videotheque is a great way to get into the Wildscreen mood. The past week I’ve already seen about 15 films. I have to say there is a lot to choose from and thanks to my Chromecast I’ve seen them all in the comfort of my own living room.
So far I’ve seen 5 and 15 minute shorts from film students and full-length full-budget Natural History docs from established producers. And everything i’ve seen so far was definitely worth the watch!

One remarkable film “An Unseen World” is a 5 minute short from Paul Rosolie a Naturalist, who works in the rain forest of South Peru. The film consists for the main part of short video clips he recorded with a single camera-trap. I was absolutely amazed by how many different animals were captured by the trap. The speed of the film really contributes to the overwhelm I experienced. He also succeeded in building up some tension towards the end of the film. His message was simple: If so much #wildlife is visible from just one spot, imagine how many animals are dependent on all the rainforests.

Furthermore, I’ve seen an excellent film about the biodiversity of the traditional orchard. And one with a selection of curiosities of the Philippines. The latter was of particular interest to me because I’ll be filming in the Philippines early next month. Although that is a completely different matter that I will write about another time.

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