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On my way to Wildscreen 2014

Every other year, Natural History filmmakers from all over the world travel to Bristol, UK to take part in countless debates and workshops. And to admire and award each others work. All of this is carefully organized by the +Wildscreen Film Festival.

I’ve wanted to visit this festival ever since I’ve learned of its existence in 2009. But somehow I always felt I would be too out-of-place there. Sure, I am a filmmaker and I love #wildlife films, but that’s about where my compatibility ends. I have never made a film about nature and honestly, I don’t see how I could ever afford to. The beautiful productions we see on television have raised the bar to incredible heights and frankly, I have no idea where to begin.

However, this year is different. I am writing this in a waiting area of Schiphol Airport, waiting for my gate to open and boarding to begin. I’ll be attending the entire festival, including the Panda Award Ceremony on Thursday.
This year I have allowed myself the opportunity to meet fellow filmmaker, get inspired and to see if there is even a remote opportunity to start a career in Natural History Filmmaking

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