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False Color Plugin for Resolve

UPDATE: Recently, I found out that Timeinpxels don’t offer a completely free version of the plugin anymore. However, their prices are still very reasonable. Also, they still offer a free evaluation version of the plugin.

 This free plugin for Resolve and other applications can be of great use when matching shots to one and other.
Personally, I don’t use it to check over- or underexposure. I find using the waveform or parade easier. Also, the scopes don’t use that many system resources.
However, I find that when I’ve finished grading a job, it’s quite easy to just add this plugin on the timeline node-tree and browse through all the shots of the project. I look for big changes in large areas of the shots such as wall, floors, skies etc. I then go back and do it again for skin tones and contrast within faces.

Once in a while, I spot some mismatched shots. And doing this before I render out the final version just adds an extra layer of confidence.

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