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Category : Student Section

26 jan 2018

DaVinci Resolve Settings (14.0.1)

Samenvatting van alle Systeem, User en Project-Settings System Settings   klik op “Preferences… of gebruik Ctrl+,”   De “System” Preferences   Het “Media Storage” item Hier kun je handmatig nieuwe harddisks of schijflocaties toevoegen als deze niet automatisch in Resolve te zien zijn. Ook kun je hier, middels het vinkje onderaan, kiezen om nieuwe schijven niet automatisch toe te voegen. De eerst genoemde schijf is ook de schijf waar automatisch alle Cache-files en Screenshots naartoe worden opgeslagen. Dit kan ook […]

11 jun 2017

Using Resolve-Fusion Round-trip with other VFX apps

During one of my DaVinci Resolve classes, the topic of using After Effects with Resolve came up. I was reminded of this excellent tutorial on how to use the Resolve-Fusion round-trip with other applications.


27 feb 2017

Davinci Resolve Shortcusts cheatsheet

Especially for the students of my Davinci Resolve classes, I’ve prepared this document with all Davinci Resolve Shortcuts.  The first section is a selection of shortcuts that I believe are most relevant.
Dark Red = most relevant
Light Orange = least relevant.

After the first section, All shortcuts are listed in order of the Davinci Resolve menu bar.

It’s important to recognize these are the factory default shortcuts. For even more control,  Resolve offers the opportunity to change all shortcuts to your personal preference.

10 okt 2016

The LED problem video

Those of you who’ve attended one of my lighting classes have probably seen this video from Ryan E. Walters’s He explains with great precision what the problem is with using different LED light sources on set. I’ve linked to it here because I think it is essential knowledge for anyone using LED lights.

25 jul 2016

Bigger Difference Between Resolve & Resolve Studio

When I was teaching a course on Resolve 12.5 last week, one thing became clear very quickly; In this new version the differences between Resolve and Resolve Studio have grown, and the reasons to upgrade have become more apparent.

Patrick Inhoffer from has made a great insight that lists these features and generously made them available for everyone to see.

04 jul 2016

False Color Plugin for Resolve

UPDATE: Recently, I found out that Timeinpxels don’t offer a completely free version of the plugin anymore. However, their prices are still very reasonable. Also, they still offer a free evaluation version of the plugin.

 This free plugin for Resolve and other applications can be of great use when matching shots to one and other.
Personally, I don’t use it to check over- or underexposure. I find using the waveform or parade easier. Also, the scopes don’t use that many system resources.
However, I find that when I’ve finished grading a job, it’s quite easy to just add this plugin on the timeline node-tree and browse through all the shots of the project. I look for big changes in large areas of the shots such as wall, floors, skies etc. I then go back and do it again for skin tones and contrast within faces.

Once in a while, I spot some mismatched shots. And doing this before I render out the final version just adds an extra layer of confidence.

27 jun 2016

Should You Transcode Your Source Footage?

A question I’m asked very often. The people at have written a great article on the matter. With lots of video examples.

A short recap for anyone who has followed one of my classes:
1. I always prefer to use the camera original footage.
2. Transcoding files might be useful/necessary in some situations.
3. There’s no need to make files bigger than they are.

Bonus: DaVinci Resolve does great transcoding!