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Tag : wildscreen

21 okt 2014

Wildscreen 03 – In Over My Head

Today I’ve attended the “Advanced Screenwriting Workshop” taught by Richard Burke-Ward immediately I realized I was in way over my head. Yesterday, when I took part in the “Underwater #Filmmaking for Beginners” workshop, I found out that people here are playing a whole different ballgame. ¬†Up until I got into the taxi, that drove us to the swimming pool, I felt a little sorry that I didn’t register for the Advanced version of the same workshop. I mean, I’m an […]

19 okt 2014

Wildscreen 02 – The pre-festival festival.

The festival is off to a great start. Earlier this week I received an e-mail from the organization with the login details for the Wildscreen online videotheque. The videotheque contains all the films nominated for one of the awards. This year, nearly 500 films. All of them are available for viewing wherever I want the week before and during the festival. The videotheque is a great way to get into the Wildscreen mood. The past week I’ve already seen about […]

18 okt 2014

On my way to Wildscreen 2014

Every other year, Natural History filmmakers from all over the world travel to Bristol, UK to take part in countless debates and workshops. And to admire and award each others work. All of this is carefully organized by the +Wildscreen Film Festival. I’ve wanted to visit this festival ever since I’ve learned of its existence in 2009. But somehow I always felt I would be too out-of-place there. Sure, I am a filmmaker and I love #wildlife films, but that’s […]